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DepotMaestro easily and efficiently fits together all of the pieces of running a depot.

Manage any depot type, any size, from anywhere - Taxis, Limousines, Buses, Ride-Share, Town Cars, Couriers, Ambulance, Cement Delivery, Para-Transit - at the touch of a button!

Every piece of your depot data in one place linked for easy access - no more duplicate data entry. 'Drag & drop' driver scheduling, vehicle maintenance, marketing, workshop, driver finances and debts, profitability and accounts - all integrated to allow easy and efficient control. Driver app allows instant accident, incident and fault reporting and chat with driver.

App screens


The home page makes it easy to quickly see what needs to be done and what is urgent and/or important. Registrations, insurances, services and inspections are shown colour-coded by urgency to make it easier to prioritise. Vehicle faults reported by the drivers using the driver app are shown. Faults can also be entered in the admin interface.

The user interface is designed to be consistent across all the modules - this makes training of staff quick, easy and productive. All actions are performed the same way across all of the modules. Everything is just one click away.


Easily track the status of accident claims - no more payments 'slipping through the cracks'. Drivers take pics on their phones and enter 3rd party and witness details - you've got the information you need even before the driver has left the scene.

Improve your claim rate by keeping track of claims easily and efficiently with automatic document creation. Control costs by accurately recording expenses. While accidents are unavoidable for a depot, we make the process as stress-free as possible!


Store accurate client details for sending of invoices. Once drivers have done jobs, you can create invoices with job details. Then print these invoices either to PDF or directly to email. Export invoices to Xero to reduce mistakes and improve efficiency.

Various settings allow you to customise the creation of the invoices and the amounts that invoices include as the billable amount, which might be different to the job amount where commissions or discounts are given. Specify hourly rates for drivers and admin fees for invoices.


All of your driver detail is quickly and easily accessible. Driver finances are always accurate and up to date. Driver debts, such as toll fees and at-fault accident payments are easy to control - you can set up payments plans for a small amount to be added to each payin - also for driver bonds if applicable. Driver fines and accident history of each driver are recorded.

Upload driver photos for easy identification as well as contracts. Driver payments can be uploaded to your bank at the click of a button. Send SMS messages instantly to one driver - or to a found set of drivers.

Drivers app DRIVERS APP
Drivers app

The driver app allows drivers to enter accident, incident and vehicle fault details. They can also take photos of accidents and incidents that are uploaded automatically. Depot settings determine if drivers can also enter their payin data with vouchers, EFTPOS, fuel and expenses and create shifts.

They can also take photos of receipts and dockets for proof as well as send chat messages to the roster manager. The driver checklist includes Covid sanitation actions and records the time when done, as well as vehicle checks. Drivers can also check their upcoming shifts.


Send inter-staff messages to all staff, or to only selected staff members. Once a message is received, staff members are alerted when it is waiting to be read. Messages are checked as Read. Messages can have a cut-off date so that after that date, they are automatically deleted.

There is no limit to the length of the message, unlike SMS with the 160 character limit. Staff permissions determine which staff can create and delete messages, so that messages remain on record. This module ensures smooth communication between staff and prevents the 'Well, I didn't know that!


The owners module allows you to keep track of all owner finance, information and pertinent details. Each owner can have multiple vehicles - see at a glance all vehicles belonging to an owner. Control separate owner-operator and taxi service accreditations.

Owners can be companies, partnerships or individuals - up to three individuals can be stored. Record authorised officer and Justice Of The Peace details to automate statutory declaration fine forms. Record unlimited notes and scanned correspondence for each owner.


The parts module records the items which you place onto workshop job cards. This allows you to record part usage for each vehicle so you can develop a history of expenses of each vehicle - this data helps to determine when it might be time to replace a vehicle. A Cost Break table in settings lets you determine markup amounts depending on the cost of the item.

Each part shows the percentage markup and the stock on hand value.Each part can have multiple suppliers, with the part cost of each supplier displayed. All movements of each part are timestamp recorded along with the staff name.


Over fifty reports give you absolute control of every aspect of your depot. The driver reports show you all of the finance and detailed data of your drivers - current account balances, expiring licenses, holiday requests, bond balances, tax invoices and BAS statements. The payin reports show banking, till reports, takings, demurrage, EFTPOS and voucher lists, lease / meter fee reductions and meter and odometer discrepancies.

Vehicle reports show expiry dates for registrations and inspections, services due list, jobcard and expense costs for each vehicle, faults outstanding and accident lists. Roster reports show fleet utilisation and shift preferences by driver or vehicle.


The simple drag & drop operation makes rostering any size fleet easy and quick. Allocate and remove drivers, adjust shift lengths and link multiple shifts into one payin with a quick mouse action. Allocate ad-hoc driver shifts with a double-click action. Collision detection prevents the same driver being rostered twice at the same time. Easily filter the roster view by group, vehicle, driver or network.

Templates allow you to set up automatic roster creation, such as all morning shifts. Customisable shift lengths from 15 minutes to 168 hours. Block vehicles for services and inspections and set holiday and unavailability time-blocks for drivers.


The Settings module allows you to customise Depot Maestro according to your individual depot requirements. Payment types let you specify which are cash till balancing payments. Voucher and EFTPOS types according to your meter and job types. Vehicle models in your fleet allow you to specify complete logbook servicing schedules for each model, as well as inspection types, fuel and meter types. Savings, expense and fees types specify which amounts are added for each driver doing shifts. Faults types have categories and priorities for the driver app. Accident status and accident causes allow you to build a picture over time of accidents in your fleet.


The staff module allows you to specify exactly which areas of Depot Maestro each staff member can access - then within each area, you can specify if that staff member can create new records, edit records, or delete records. Additionally, you can allow or porhibit each staff member from accessing all of the reports.

You have absolute control over what each staff member can see and do.If the staff member is a mechanic, you can set their hourly rate here. The login name of the staff member is recorded against every change that is made system-wide, along with a date/timestamp.


Each part has one or more suppliers. Supplier information displays all of the parts supplied by that supplier. You can also record the contact details and who the prime contact people at that supplier is.

The finance details of the supplier are also recorded. You can record multiple contacts at each supplier along with their position, email and a range of different numbers, such as mobile personal and work, landline, fax, pager etc.


Vehicle information is at your fingertips - registration details, plate owner, inspections, servicing history and service due, insurance, finance and notes. View accident information for each vehicle and when inspections are due. Upload vehicle images and scanned contracts.

Fault recording and completion notes adhere to transport department requirements. Logbook servicing schedules for each model ensure that preventative maintenance is controlled. See all shifts for a vehicle and the service history. When updating vehicles, the fleet number can remain, or be changed. Set up insurance club details if applicable. 3 custom field available for your use.


Create jobcards for fleet or private vehicles. Record purchase orderItems can be drawn from inventory (parts) or entered as one-off items. Record labour costs with rates - mechanics are recorded as staff with their rates. Faults recorded by drivers or by admin staff appear on the jobcard when created.

Services created in the vehicle display on the jobcard when due - items on the service are added automatically to the jobcard when indicated by the logbook periodicity. Extra fees for consumables, tyre recycle fee and environment levy can be added automatically. Record notes for the invoice or for the mechanic.